Laundry Management Software

The best way to manage your dry cleaning and laundry business.

Laundry management software

Our Laundry Software helps you to get rid of inefficiencies and increase profits.

Laundry management software to handle commercial and industrial laundry activities. With our laundry management software you can improve your Business efficiency and reduce expenses. software would be customized, installed and trained to all the operations like laundry collections, delivery, invoice, inventory management and reporting. With our system you can access your business from any part of the world.


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  • Reduce Manual Laundry Sorting.
  • Provide Accurate Wash Count Records.
  • Provide Visibility Into Inventory Quickly And Easily.
  • Reduce Loss and Theft.
  • Provide Meaningful Customer Information.
  • Enable Accurate Check-In and Check-Out System.


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Do your dry cleaning, ironing and laundry business accounting professionally

  • Do your laundry business accounting
  • Generate laundering and ironing services invoices
  • Follow your client’s orders
  • Calculate your net income systematically
  • Track revenue and expenses while using profit and loss reports
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